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A Wide Range of high-quality Services to Meet Your Needs

Crew, Authorities, and Maritime Agents Boat Transportation

Supported by our extensive fleet, we provide timely and high-quality services to our clients.

Underwater Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs

Using cutting-edge technology and a team of nationally and internationally certified divers, we offer maintenance, operation, and construction services for maritime, river, and underwater infrastructures, both offshore and onshore.

Oil Spill Prevention and Response

We provide environmental assurance and operational control during oil loading and unloading transfers by surrounding the area with floating booms in maritime and river terminals, among other services.

Port Mooring Services

We offer mooring and unmooring services at most Barranquilla terminals, including COMPAS, MONOMEROS, PALERMO, PORTMAGDALENA, and RIVERPORT.

Sludge and Slop

We remove oily water up to 50 m3 and handle the removal and final disposal of garbage (25 m3).

Drinking and Technical Water Supply

We supply ships with up to 300 tons of fresh and technical water, generally delivered via special barges for ships docked within the port or in the anchorage area.

Ship Chandler

We specialize in providing provisions to the Offshore Industry in the Colombian Caribbean, ensuring quality, guaranteed long life, 100% delivery of requested PO, delivery of requested products and brands, and on-time delivery.

Providing the highest quality service

Professional Service

We have an excellent team of experts in navigation, port operations, and logistics coordination.

Certified Equipment

Our company has cutting-edge technological equipment that guarantees effectiveness in all our operations.

Great Support

We have qualified and dedicated personnel available 24/7 to handle operations and emergencies from our operation center at our headquarters.

We can help you with your port, maritime, and fluvial operations... ask here!

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